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Welcome to Make-Music.Net!



This site contains useful information on how to write songs and make music in any style.

By browsing through the various categories, you will find tips and advice on many areas of music making.

  • You’ll create more interesting chord progressions
  • You will find it easier to create your own melodies and basslines
  • You will improve your knowledge of music theory

Make-Music.Net also contains some reviews of the latest music software to help you decide what digital audio workstations (DAW’s), or music notation packages work for you.

On this site, you will also find suggested bands and artists to listen to in a variety of genres, to study and learn from, and further your music making skills.

Furthermore, if you sign up for our FREE guide on how to improve your music making skills, you will receive our popular e-mail series full of tips and advice on how to develop as a composer, producer and songwriter, plus the latest product reviews.