Pro Tools is a digital audio workstation that allows you to record, compose, edit and mix your music. It was first available on Amazon in October 2011.

Pro Tools 10- Professional audio recording and music creation software

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Product Review

Pro Tools 10 comes with a range of features that enhances your ability to edit, compose and mix your music. One of the best improvements over the previous version is the ability to change the gain of individual clips, rather than using automation, which is a fantastic feature. You also have the capacity to use more tracks, voices and auxiliary inputs compared to Pro Tools 9. Also, if you are more familiar with notation, then there is a Sibelius Score Editor for editing and composing your music. The ability to export your session as a (.sib) file is fantastic if you have the actual Sibelius program.

Pro Tools comes with 70 plugins, but there are plenty more for you to peruse and download from Avid Marketplace. Like most high end DAW's the number of features can be overwhelming in the beginning so it is certainly useful to learn and assign keystrokes, particularly for editing audio. One relief for Mac users is that Pro Tools 10 is compatible with Mac OS 10.7 Lion and Snow Leopard. One surprising aspect is that the product is only a 32-bit application, where as many rival products are 64.

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Product Features

  • Mix multiple audio formats with the same session
  • Faster editing with Clip Gain
  • Flexibility to record, edit and mix music your way
  • Loop recording – perform multiple takes and choose the best one
  • Create parts easily for any musical instrument using virtual instruments, your mouse, or a MIDI Controller
  • Compose music with MIDI and notation tools – Use MIDI Editor or the built in Sibelius Score Editor
  • Export sessions as Sibelius files
  • Elastic Time – change tempo and pitch of any clip
  • Beat Detective – fix timing issues with ease, change the feel of a drum pattern
  • 70 effects, utility and sound processing plugins.

Make-Music.Net Verdict

Overall, Pro Tools 10 is a great product that basically feels like an upgraded version of Pro Tools 9. However, the combination of these improvements makes this version a worthwhile upgrade for most users, although it is not a cheap. The options you have for inputting your music are fantastic, whether you want to use a MIDI editor, or the Sibelius Score Editor. However, perhaps the most significant improvements involve the features you now have for editing audio and the increased number of voices, tracks and auxiliary inputs.

As with most DAW's you need to make sure your computer can handle the software before your buy. You can find out more about about this by clicking the link below.

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