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    Chord Progressions 

    From: Martyn Croston

    Monday, 10:37am


    Dear Friend,


    I personally think many musicians face a problem when they write music, whether it's do with creating a melody, a drum pattern, a bassline, or because they find it difficult to create interesting chord progressions

    …And I'm guessing that you too have experienced this problem when sitting at the keyboard or playing around on the guitar! 

    Musicians who want to:

    Learn more chords and use them effectively in a progression.

    Create unique chord progressions by using others as a foundation.

    Become a better guitarist by coming up with ideas and for playing songs in bands.

    Input chord progressions into a sequencer faster using a keyboard.

    Become more creative as a composer, producer or songwriter and write better music.

    Improve piano/keyboard skills for making music with a computer or in a band.

    Develop a better musical ear for making it easier to hear chord progressions in your favourite songs.

    (Basically, a lot of things you don't learn from teachers, but that usually comes with experience)

    ..And I have realized over the years these are the main desires students have when writing music and wanting to develop as musicians.


    "I was amazed how many students struggled to create chord progressions for their music"


    In my experience, many of the students I have taught the piano or composition to, often start with a melody, or create an interesting bassline, but can find it a real challenge to lay down some chords which fit with the music.


    ….Does any of this sound familiar? The good news is you're not alone


    About the author


    Martyn Croston BA MMus, is a professional jazz pianist, educator, composer and songwriter based in the UK. He teaches piano at schools in and around London, tutoring students in how to perform and write music.

    As a performer, he has played with former members of Jamiroquai, the UK jazz funk band who have previously won Grammy, MTV Video and World Music awards, the British rock band Manfred Mann, and the winning choir from NBC's Clash of the Choirs.

    Martyn has played, taught and studied music across the globe, including performances in Russia at the prestigious B2 Club and the International Association of Jazz Education in Toronto, Canada.

    He has worked as a classroom music teacher and has over 10 years experience in tutoring students about music theory, composition and how to further their piano skills.

    Martyn Croston

    Learn these chord progressions and never get stuck again…


    I want to show you something which will transform your songwriting. Over 60 chord progressions to use in your music, to use as a basis for your song, to use as a tool to create your own chord sequences, and more importantly, to improve your songwriting skills


    Here's what you'll have access to:


    • Major & minor chord progressions – Base your song on one sequence or use different ones for the verse or chorus
    • ii-V-I progressions – Learn different ways to use one of the most common progressions in popular music
    • Chord inversions – Create more interesting basslines in your music
    • Use descending & ascending basslines in your music, a device used in many hit songs

    • Learn the 12-bar blues and all the different variations
    • Play through some of the great chord progressions from songs over the years and use them in your music


    => Get Your Copy Today For Only $9.95 <=


    "Where do you stand?"


    Most musicians who use this product fall into three categories and each chord progression

    is written in three ways depending on your level (see screenshot below)


    Basic Level

    I know a few chords and want to know how to create chord progressions and start writing music

    Intermediate Level

    I have been writing music for a while and know a number of different progressions including how to use 7th chords

    Advanced Level

    I understand a lot of different chord progressions using advanced (jazz) harmony, including 9ths, 11ths and 13th chords


    Screenshot 1




    "How do I play these chords?"


    In the appendix of this guide, you will find fret diagrams and notation of different chords, demonstrating how to play them

    To keep things simpler, all the chord progressions are in relation to C major and A minor.

    But there are links to various online resources where you can transpose the chord progressions and see how they should be played on the keyboard and on the guitar


    Screenshot 2




    Now picture this: Let's say it's 3 months from now (or a lot sooner), and you've drastically improved your songwriting by using the chord progressions in this guide — with a lot less effort than you expected.

    Even better…

    - you are now using your own chord progressions having used the ones in this guide as a tool

    - you are playing more interesting songs in your band

    - And you have become a much more creative songwriter, producer and composer


    Now what price tag would make all this a good investment?

    To work this out, I have surveyed other products and arrived at the extremely affordable price of $9.95

    The product will be sent to you by e-mail and you will need Adobe Reader to view it, so you will gain instant access to Ultimate Chord Progressions after your purchase.

    You can be literally using new chords and creating new ideas for your songs straight away!


    I look forward to receiving your success story very soon




    Martyn Croston

    => Download the entire guide for just $9.95 <=

    The product will be sent to you by e-mail and you will need Adobe Reader to view it

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